dinsdag 25 september 2012

Sea Inspired Fashion


Today's post is about the beach. Now when the summer is over, you might think that's an odd choise. But why only write about the beach in the summer? I like to go to the beach in the autumn, when it's so quite the only thing I hear are the rolling waves. No screaming kids, no big crowd... Just the empty beach.
I love that feeling :)
Today's post is also the first one of a new serie. I want to make more post with nature-inspired fashion.
I choose different things that reminds me on the sea, like mermaids, sailors and shells. Inspired by this pieces of the sea, I made tree different outfits.

#1. Mermaids.


A modern version of the mermaid-look. I chose a long, bluegreen skirt for a romantic effect.
The blouse is simple and plain, and that's why all the attention is on the collar.
I just love the platformed heels! They're so big and elegant, and the colors fit in the outfit.
 If you want to add some jewelery, make sure you keep it simple. The collar is already big and 
obvious and you don't want to overkill, do you?

#2. The sailor-look.


Okay, I admit, the're not mutch sailor elements in this look. But, we all know
this blue-striped sweater, and I wanted to wear it on a different way.
The boots and the jeans make the outfit more tough. A simple necklace for the finishing touch,
and voila, a tough version of the classical sailor-sweater. 

#3. Shells.


The statement necklace is very trendy at the moment. I like this shell-one.
I think the color matches perfectly with the dark orange skirt.
 Btw,I just love the boots. I wish I could buy them :)

So, that was it for now. I'm going back to my homework *woohoo*.
See you later, alligator!

dinsdag 11 september 2012

DIY # 1 --- From earring to necklace

Yesterday I went to H&M. I was searching for a necklace, but I couldn't find one. Until I spotted a nice earring. Unfortunately, it was only one earring. Because the other one was missing, the earring was on sale. I also bought a long sunglass necklace. I was surprised that H&M sold those old-fashioned sunglass chains. I mean, who else than a 80 years old grandma would put a chain around her sunnies?
Anyway, I bought that stuff. When I got home, I transformed the earring into a necklace.
How? Well, let me explain that in a very simple DIY :)

You can make this necklace with almost every kind of earring. I prefer a long earring, but you can use a shorter one as well. The same for the necklace. You can use whatever necklace you want. I choose the 
'sunglasses chain', because it was so cheap and I like the little loops at the end. 
TIP: You can find cheep necklaces at H&M (also at different colors than mine) and Action.

If you choose an ordinary necklace (not the one who is used for sunnies), you could use other stuff 
like bows, feathers and beads to pimp your necklace instead of the loops I used. Whatever you want!

Wow, I can't believe I actually made this DIY! I mean, for me, as a Dutchie, it's very hard to translate
all those difficult words into English. So, I think I somethimes made the wrong translation. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :)

See you next time!