dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

About hair.


Today I'm not full of words. I'm busy. School. Exams. Stress.
But, I'm really looking forward to next weekend. Appelpop, that means
good music for free :D I loooove festivals, especially when they're for free. Ghehe.
Anyway, this vid is about cute hairstyles. I made it myself (no, not the hairstyles, I mean the video).
But I wanna try the hairstyles soon! Some of them are easy, others might be tricky.
I hope this video inspires you a little :)
Oh, and if you wonder where's the music from: it's Feist. I can really recommend her songs, they're lovely.

Wich hairdo is your favorite? Let me know!
Have a good day and until next time =)

zaterdag 25 augustus 2012

I can't choose.


Oh gosh, I've got a serious problem. I mean serious serious. Well, okay, not that serious. Nothing like my house is on fire or I broke a leg or something like that.
No...it's just the end-off-summer sale. So much discount...so many choises! I wish my wallet was so full of money I can't hardly close it... Unfortunately it's not. There's one solution to my problem: I have to choose.
I can't. Well, I MUST.
Okay, I will show you my wishlist atm:

One of those dresses. Wich one do you prefer? I think...the fist one or the second one.
Btw, all the dresses are from Romwe.com.

I think I need a new schoolbag. I've got one Eastpak, but I want a handbag too.
But...should a take the studded ones, for a spikey effect? Or the classic brown bag?
And wich color? Dilemma!
The first 2 bags are from H&M, and also the studded ones.Other bags are from Bershka.

Or...should I save my money and get my LG Optimus? Or the Samsung Galaxy Pocket?
The drama continues :P
Anyway, I wish you guys a lovely weekend.
xoxo M.

zondag 19 augustus 2012

Because Lookbook is AWESOME.

...and that's why I made a post about it!
I think you fashionable people all know Lookbook. I mean, who doesn't?
I collect some random looks I like and post it to my blog. Maybe it inspired you a little :)


Simple and elegant. I think that are the keywords of this outfit. I really like the shoes -gosh, how I like them! Unfortunately this whole outfit won't look nice on me. I have no figure in this skirt. I have tried a maxi-dress once, and that didn't look very well... Same for the sunnies.
Anyway, she looks pretty cool in this. Well done ;D
By: Lisa D

Another simple, laidback look. For school, the beach, shopping, whatever.
This look fits almost every occasion.
By Kasia G.

Let's be honest...I love her hair! Seriously, it's the most perfect out of bedlook ever!
It's so nonchalant, like she doesn't care at all... Same for the clothes. Simple. Basic. Colorful. 
By: Ebba Z.

I never wear yellow. Seriously, there's no yellow in my closet. 
This picture makes me wanna buy something yellow. Oh, and ofcourse a long jeansskirt.
And I want her hat. And the bag. Okay gimme the whole look :)
By Vera K.

Leave the sunnies and this look is perfect.
Absolutely perfect.
By Steffy K.

Okay, that's it for today! Tomorrow it's my first schoolday after a long holiday.
Hmpf. I'm really looking forward to...not.
If you have the same problem, I wish you all the best.

PS. Maybe you didn’t noticed, but I gave myself a little blogging-break. I had no inspiration at all, and, if I had I posted it at my second blog. Yep, another blog. This time with a friend, Rebekka. Our blog is called STYLE ON DEMAND. If you’d like to take a look: styleondemand.wordpress.com
I really recommend that blog. Why? Cause it's mine, mwuhaha.