zaterdag 25 augustus 2012

I can't choose.


Oh gosh, I've got a serious problem. I mean serious serious. Well, okay, not that serious. Nothing like my house is on fire or I broke a leg or something like that.'s just the end-off-summer sale. So much many choises! I wish my wallet was so full of money I can't hardly close it... Unfortunately it's not. There's one solution to my problem: I have to choose.
I can't. Well, I MUST.
Okay, I will show you my wishlist atm:

One of those dresses. Wich one do you prefer? I think...the fist one or the second one.
Btw, all the dresses are from

I think I need a new schoolbag. I've got one Eastpak, but I want a handbag too.
But...should a take the studded ones, for a spikey effect? Or the classic brown bag?
And wich color? Dilemma!
The first 2 bags are from H&M, and also the studded ones.Other bags are from Bershka.

Or...should I save my money and get my LG Optimus? Or the Samsung Galaxy Pocket?
The drama continues :P
Anyway, I wish you guys a lovely weekend.
xoxo M.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. The brown Bershka bag is gorgeous! And I would choose the first dress!

  2. Leuke post !

    Die meest rechter vindt ik het leukst !

    Ik kwam toevallig op je blog en ben direct verslaafd dus ik volg je nu gewoon !:)

    Kom gerust een keer langs als je tijd heb :)



  3. Ik vind het derde jurkje het leukst en de tweede tas : )

  4. omg ik wil al die jurken :O