dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

About hair.


Today I'm not full of words. I'm busy. School. Exams. Stress.
But, I'm really looking forward to next weekend. Appelpop, that means
good music for free :D I loooove festivals, especially when they're for free. Ghehe.
Anyway, this vid is about cute hairstyles. I made it myself (no, not the hairstyles, I mean the video).
But I wanna try the hairstyles soon! Some of them are easy, others might be tricky.
I hope this video inspires you a little :)
Oh, and if you wonder where's the music from: it's Feist. I can really recommend her songs, they're lovely.

Wich hairdo is your favorite? Let me know!
Have a good day and until next time =)

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