woensdag 15 februari 2012

Get The Look Part 1.

Today I'm cooking. Yes yes, I'm cooking.
You don't get this? Hmm, let me explain xD
This morning I had a kinda philosophic thought, namely:
Searching for an outfit is almost the same as cooking.
You add some 'jewelery', you blend colours...
Oh yeah.
That's what I was trying to do with this outfit:

I like this combination.
I mean, it's tough, but girly. If I could walk on this heels, I would definately wear it =)
Okay, If you like it too: here's are 5 steps for a copy of this look,

#1. Search for an cool jacket. I mean, something tough.
I like this ones:

#2. Take an top or T-shirt with a funny or striking print =)

#3. Oh, this sounds definately like a recipe xD
Haha add some denim ;D

#4. We're almost finished, but don't forget the shoes :D

You can make a boyish look if you choose sneakers, Vans, Allstars or something.
But, you can make it more 'ladylike' if you choose for high heels.

#5. Last but not least: Assosoiries!
I like circel scarfs, and a lot of jewelery.
I mean, not that much but...some bling bling =)

Okay, I have to do some homework!
Until next time,

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha super leuk bedacht dat het net zoals koken is!
    Ik kies allereerst het denim studded giletje, met shirtje nummer 2, jeans nummer 5, all stars en de ring (en armbandjes, kan niet kiezen!). :)

  2. Great choices!

  3. leuke post:) ik vind de leren jasjes vooral erg mooi!

  4. Leuk artikel, dat derde leren jasje is mooi!

    Ik zou zelf het 3e jasje nemen, shirt nummer 2, jeans nummer 5 of 6, de zwarte pumps en de leuke ring!


  5. Die shirt met dierenprinten zijn leuk!