dinsdag 20 maart 2012

Fun, fun, fun @ Youtube.

Whoah, great title ;P
I'm happy today (read happy as 'crazy'), so I it's a title who fits me perfectly!
It's finally spring! And, in normally freezing-cold Holland the sun is shining! 
Thinking of the upcoming vacation makes me also happy :)
So, I decided to make a post with my 3 favoirte Youtube videos at the moment. 
I start with a really funny video from Jenna Marbles:

I mean, this video is important. Oh hell yeah, it is. I think everyone has been in the situation that you 
spotted somebody you don't want to talk to... And, how difficult it is to avoid that person...
Well, this is the perfect solution! You don't have to be unkind, and there's no awkward situation at all!
Okay, maybe this gives you a weird reputation, but who cares? 

This vid is so funny... I think it's very difficult to make a video about your pet, but
he succeed ;D

The Harry Potter characters in puppet form are so funny :)

See ya later!

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