donderdag 5 april 2012

How To Wear: Pastels, Maxi Skirt and High Waisted Shorts.

Hi! I think it's time for a new post, so here I am =)
The subject of today is how to combine different types of summer trends.
I think everbody knows the feeling when you see, for example, absolutely gorgeous 
shoes, but you have no idea how to combine them?
Well, that's the topic of today. I give you a few examples of summertrends, and how you could 
combine them. 
Be inspired ;D

A really upcoming trend are bright, subtile colors like babyblue, light pink and pale yellow.
It isn't hard to combine, if you just know what you want.
 Do you want a romantic look? Use another pastel color in your look.
Do you want a tough look? Mix pastels with studs, prints or leather jackets.
Whatever you want, pastels give you a summerproof outfit.

The maxi skirt gives me a gipsy feeling, haha.
The advantage of this skirt is that you can wear it many different ways.
Just what's on your mind =)

Like I said: high waisted shorts makes your legs longer and your waist thinner.
Isn't that exactly what we want?

I hope I have inspired you a little :)
So, enjoy your long easter-weekend, don't eat too much easter eggs,
and until next time :D

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