vrijdag 22 juni 2012

Why I love thrifting...

Yep, you read it: today an outfit post. 
This morning Rebekka and I went to the two different thrift stores.
And yep, we were lucky! I found my jeans blouse for only €1,75!
Woohoo me happy!


I like vintage shopping. Not only because the clothes are so cheap or because
the fact that you were something nobody else is wearing.
That are just a few points why I love thrifting.
What I really enjoy is the ambiance in a thrift store. I mean, 80's popsongs, a lot of elders and conversations about absolutely nothing.
Elder 1: "What do you think about this cute brown shoes?"
(She held up a pair of absolutely horrible leather loafers).
Elder 2: "Oh, they're just gorgeous!"
And me, hidden in the corner, grinning.
Another subject I often hear is the weather. It's tipically Dutch to complain about the weather.
Today was a rainy day, so there was enough to complain about.
That nonsensical talks, mixed with André Hazes and the amazing stuff, that's why I love thrifting.
And, okay, I admit, the low prices :D

So, here's a quick impression of what I bought today!

Jeans jacket:  vintage
White top: H&M
Bracelets:       vintage
Black skirt:     H&M  
Tights:            Hema
Shoes:            Dolcis          

Have a nice day! 
xoxo M

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