woensdag 10 oktober 2012

Remarkable fashion/make-up looks of Paris Fashion Week 2013

Sorry for not posting so long! Last week was very busy...school, exams, stress... I think you all know :)
Anyway, today's post is about the Paris Fashion Week. I saw a lot of beautiful items! I'm definately going to post about it. But not today. Today I tell you about all the crap I saw. I mean, the collections weren't all good. I saw some remarkable pieces I'd like to share with you...

   Some screenshots of the Vogue website. --> Clik to make at bigger!

1. Dafuq. What the hell is she wearing? It's like she's hiding herself. Hmm...maybe she's an undercover alien?
2. Why? Why would you wear this? It's like a massive raincoat or something. It looks shabby. It don't make you look nice at all.
3. What would you teacher say if you wearing this to school?
4. The dress is kinda weird, but ok. But what's happened to her hat? It's a mix between the terrible hats from the Dutch queen Beatrix and Lady GaGa, for sure.
5. You don't wear your pyamas to school or to work. So why wearing it on the catwalk?

                                                               HAIR & MAKE-UP.

1. This is so creepy! It looks like she hasn't slept for days. Or maybe she's a vampire. Who knows...
2. This is waaaay to overdone! I mean, the idea of glitter eyeshadow is fun. But that much? Hell no.
3. Wow...What should this supposed to be? Her make-up is beautiful, but wat about her hair?
4. This could be a screenshot from Starwars. She could be an evil queen or something.

What do you think about this extravagant looks? Do you like it, or do you have the same opinion as me?
Tell me! :)
Until next time,

4 opmerkingen:

  1. haha, tof dit! Sommige creaties zijn inderdaad echt te apart voor woorden.
    Leuk blog heb je! Je hebt er een nieuwe volger bij.

  2. Haha "outfit" nummer 1 is echt heel weird. :')

  3. superleuke blog en post! misschien kunnen we elkaar volgen? liefs smnth