dinsdag 20 november 2012

New Blog


Today a post about my new blog. I made it yesterday, and it's waaay different than Tree of Thoughts! First of all, my new blog is in Dutch. Why? Well, blogging in English is kinda difficult for the kind of stuff I want to talk about. For this blog it's ok, I can handle that. But not for my new one. It's hard to explain what the subject is of my new blog. It's basically about about all the crazy stuff inside my head. A lot of nonsense, mixed up with some funny experiences. Just read it :)

The name of my blog is, as you can read, 'Wat ik dus wou zeggen'. That's the kind of thing I usually say in a conversation, and because my new blog is like a diary, I thought this name would fit.
But guys, don't worry, I won't give up this blog. It's more like a side-project :)

So, I hope I just made you a little curious and maybe you want to check out my new blog soon =D

until next time,

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