donderdag 8 november 2012

I think you fashionable readers all know the statement necklace. This big, striking necklace is getting more and more famous. And that's not without a reason! This necklace transforms a simple, basic outfit into a real eyecatcher. So, thats why I like this trend. But because this necklace is so big and obvious, it might be hard to style. I mean, you don't want to overkill, do you?
Let me introduce you part one of the 'How to wear' series!                                                                                                              

I will give you a few tips to match the necklace with your clothes. Let's start with 3 basic rules:
1. Keep your outfit simple.                                                                                                                                                                  You want your necklace to get all of the attention, so keep the rest of your outfit simple.  I prefer a top without any prints. If you choose a plain, simple tee you make sure all eyes will be on your necklace.
2. Match the color of the necklace with your outfit.                                                                                                                 If your necklace consist of many colors, choose just one or two colors to keep your look balanced. I like the colorblocking trend. A necklace in a contrasting color can be awesome, but there's just one rule: don't overdress!
3. Make it yours!                                                                                                                                                                                    Make the necklace part of your style. Do you like a simple look? Go for a basic look and use the necklace as the eyecatcher. Is your motto dress to impress? Wear shirts/dresses/tops/whatever in striking colors. Neons look great with a necklace like this. To make a more elegant look, you can use a classic necklace. Whatever you want, make sure to find a necklace that fits your style.
^ Tree examples from different styles. Wich one do you prefer?                                                                                   The first outfit is simple and basic. It's something you can wear to school, on a shoppingtrip or on vacation. This necklace fits almost every look. The second look is more edgy. Metal colors look great for a sporty, sturdy outfit. And last but not least the colorful look. I like the ethnic touch of this outfit. Because of the striking colors, I chose a similar necklace.        
^ Some statement necklaces I really like.
So, I hope I inspired you a little bit. If you have more tips, please tell me!
PS. I've got my own statement necklace...I will post it in my next outfit post.
To be continued ;-)                                                        

xoxo M.

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  1. I love those statement necklaces! xo Nienke.

  2. Nice!
    Nee, ik werk in een italiaans restaurant, haha

  3. Zulke kettingen zijn zo leuk, alleen voor mij iets te gewaagd..

    PS. Ik heb een winactie op mijn blog, misschien lijkt het je leuk om mee te doen?

  4. De statement necklace van Zara is echt heel mooi!