zondag 13 mei 2012

Creatures of the sea ~ short video

Hey! I'm back from Rome, slept for almost 12 hours and still don't have the energy to do my homework.
So I spend my time with watching my 509 photo's from that trip, and laughing about my weird faces.
I will post some of them soon =)
For now I have a short movie, with underwater pictures from Curacao.
It's a gift for my stephfather. He made the pictures when he lived in Curacao, reaaaly long time ago.
But I think those pictures are still beautiful. I don't know why, but the ocean had always fascinate me.
When I was 12, I made my first diving trip, also in Curacao. In the beginning I thought it was really scary,
and the idea of not getting enough air was freakin' me out. But later, after some practise, I began to enjoy it.
In my life I made around 6 dives, and they were all so beautiful. I remember the time that I saw an seaturtle
from just two meter distance! I could almost touch it...

I wish I could make another dives, but for now I'm stuck in boring Holland. Okay, I won't complain
(cause I'm just returned from my school trip), and about two months we go visiting Norway, but I still
want to make new dives.
Who knows when that's will happen...

So, enjoy my underwater video, and tell my what you think of it!

Do you have any experience with diving? And do you like it?
I would love to hear your thoughts on it =)

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw, prachtig! X

    Dat van het reactiesysteem, kun je via je HTML doen. Dit kan je installeren via www.intensedebate.com. Daar vind je heel het stappenplan. :-)
    Als je het niet lukt, stuur me gerust nog een berichtje!

  2. Wauw leuk!
    Ik heb mijn duikbruvet.

    1. en ik heb 5 jaar in Curacao gewoond, en ook gedoken haha

    2. Wat leuk! Ik ben er echt helemaal weg van, jij? Waar heb je gedoken? Ik in de Jan Thiel baai of zoiets =)

  3. U are so stylish! what do u say about following each other sweetie?:X