zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Music Crush ~ Part 1.

Hi =)
Today I'm gonna tell you something about one of my favorite bands at the moment: Angus and Julia Stone.
 Sadly, they aren't together anymore, so officially I can't call them a band. However, they made many beautiful songs together. I will show you some of my favorites, but I start with a their bio.

Angus and Julia Stone, brother and sister, are born in Sydney. They both came from the same, musical family. In 2006 they moved to London, where they met Fran Healy. Under his guidance they released their first album in 2007: 'A Book Like This'.
The album was a big succes! They made a big tour in Europe.
In 2010 they realeased their second Album, called 'Down this way'.
This album was a big succes in Australia, and earned them 3 ARIA Music Awards (The Australian version
of the Grammy Awards)

Some thing I really like about them, is that they're really creative. Just visit their site, and you know what I mean =) (
They also direct their own video's, another thing I like about them.
And of course I think their music is great. The amazing guitarpieces, Julia Stone's bright voice, in combination with their beautiful video's...yeah, I'm fan ;D

A selection of my favorite songs:

What do you think of their music?
And did you knew them?


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  1. Nice!
    PS: Doe jij al mee aan de win-actie op mijn blog? :

  2. Jaaaa, i love Angus and Julia Stone! Een vriend van me in Amerika kent ze persoonlijk, ben zo jaloers op hem haha!

    1. Ja? Wat gaaf! En, zijn het een beetje aardige mensen? En waarom zijn ze nou uit elkaar, grr