dinsdag 29 mei 2012

Summer vibes!

Hello hello...
Woah, it's about 24 degrees at the moment! And, last friday, even 10 degrees warmer...
Yeah, I really got the summer feeling! There are a lot of nice things to do in summer.
But, when the temperature rises, you need sunny clothes. No dark colors anymore!
I really like the pastels trend, and the colorblocking trend. Besides I'd like to wear flower printed
stuff too. I mean, what kind of print is more sunny that flowerprint?
So, I selected my summer musthaves.
Be inspired =)

You see, a lot of pastels! Especially baby pink and light blue.
Another thing I like is the H&M FAA skirt. Okay, I may sound mainstream (okay I admit: I definately sound mainstream) but I like that skirt so much! It's sunny, colorful and, for me, a real summer must-have.
I know many bloggers posted that skirt on their blog, but I don't give a fuck 'bout that.
I mean, why should I be special? Why couldn't I be just like anybody else?
To prevent my blog would be too ordinairy, I post an very original painting.
I promise, nobody have this on their blogs:

You don't know what it is? So, neither do I :-)
Tell me what you see in this beautiful (uhhmm) picture and I'll see you next time!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik mis het warme weer nu al en dat rokje van Romwe is leuk!

  2. Oeh nice die wishlist! Lekkere kleurtjes xxx

  3. Leuk!
    http://curls-and-bags.blogspot.com (giveaway online!)

  4. Love your summer wishlist, beautiful clothing!:)